Thursday, August 2, 2012

Have you considered...?

Has anyone ever thought about the reason why we were created with limits, with things that hinder us? That maybe it's so that no matter how brilliant the world thinks we are or how brilliant we think we are, that in the end we're forced to take a step back and remember we can't do it all and that we must lean on Him who can do it all?


  1. You know who I rely on? Real fucking people.
    I rely on my friends who keep me sane.
    I rely on my parents and family who love me unconditionally.
    However, most of all, I rely on myself. The only limits I have are ones I have made for myself with my life decisions.
    There is no way I'd let some "all powerful" being dictate who I am and what my life holds for me. I'd rather it all be on me and the people who support me.

  2. I totally agree with you. I wrote a post about this called The Freedom of Limitations. We work so hard, but He would love to do things for us, if only we'd slow down and let Him. Stopping by from SCL.